TE.MA.S (Technology Management Systems), established in 2004 targeting to:
• Provide specialized consulting services to companies and organizations in the private and public sector
• Promote renewable energy sources and intelligent energy management throughout the entire society.
Over the last few years TE.MA.S expanded its activities in the fields of Health, SPA Management and European Investment/Funding Programs. Today TE.MA.S has valuable and extensive expertise and experience in providing consulting services and constructions based on its clientele and its active and integrated projects.


The services provided by TE.MA.S cover the full spectrum of business operations with emphasis in the areas of Funding Opportunities and Investment Projects, Strategic and Operational Planning, Business Organization and Reengineering , consulting services in the public sector. Navigate through our website, check out the full range of our available Consulting services and simply ask to visit you one of our consultants. To ask something is definitely zero cost but potentially with very valuable results.