The evolution of humanity is closely linked to energy use. The energy is so intertwined with our everyday life that only the lack of it makes apparent its necessity.

Energy comes in many forms such us, motion, heat, energy chemical bonds or electricity. Even the mass is a form of energy. The energy can come from different sources such as wind, carbon, solar, wood or food. All energy sources have in common the ability of a body or system to produce a work.

In recent years, the energy sector and particular the exploitation of renewable energy sources and environmental strategy in Greece and around the world, is more than ever at the center of timeliness. It is inextricably linked to economic activity, financial management, quality of life, business and political discourse and planning.


The autonomous photovoltaic is non-connected photovoltaic systems (off-grid photovoltaic systems or stand- alone) that produce electricity from the sun, without any connection to the public network. The needed energy while the absence of sunshine carries out from batteries. Each system is studied and modeled on the user's needs and consists of photovoltaic panels, battery charger, batteries and inverter.

The Autonomous Photovoltaic system are mainly used to supply main and second homes, and facilities which do not have access to electric power network. Also an autonomous photovoltaic system is an optimal back-up solution (providing energy autonomy) for a household or a company who wants energy in case of power supply interruption, having autonomous power to some basic loads (fridge , lighting, TV, internet, alarm, etc.). Finally it become excellent energy solution for people who want energy self-sufficiency and autonomy of the home and are investing for a "green" and environmentally friendly lifestyle as a substitute for traditional energy sources that are highly polluting the environment (eg gasoline generators).

Moreover autonomous electrification with photovoltaics is not only economic but also reliable.

TE.MA.S through a well-staffed and experienced team is able to offer complete and reliable solutions, fully satisfying the needs of its customers.

During installation of an autonomous photovoltaic system TE.MA.S undertakes:

    • Assessment Study of energy needs (recording electrical appliances, energy consumption, future needs, etc.)

    • Study on the optimal construction and safe installation of the system

    • Calculate the yearly energy production of the photovoltaic system

    • Complete system installation by qualified technical personnel

    • Owner training

    • Remote access and monitoring of your system 

    • maintenance and immediate repair - replacement in case of damage


The autonomous photovoltaic systems can be called hybrid if they cooperate with other energy sources such as small hydro, a wind turbine or even a power generator. In general hybrid systems combine energy forms to provide the system with continuously stable voltage, eliminating the risks of supply interruption. They are characterized as dynamic systems, they are designed to alternate between available power sources or combine them simultaneously. A hybrid system provide certainty from external factors changes such as the local network, the sunshine, the wind, water flow etc.

Hybrid systems are primarily applied for the continuous operation of major residential, commercial applications or emergency applications such as military units, airports, hospitals or sensitive loads and meanly in areas where the public network faces problems (interruptions or voltage variations). The most common hybrid system is the combination of a photovoltaic array and a wind turbine. Also for home projects an ideal solution is the thermal solar power systems (PV-T). While the solar panels typically reduced performance with temperature rising, unlike hybrid PV-T modules benefit by absorbing unnecessary heat to produce thermal energy.

Especially in the field of energy, TEMAS provides integrated solutions to autonomous photovoltaic and hybrid systems.


The meaning og “Self Production” from Renewable Energy Sources (Net-Metering) is the most attractive solution to fulfill the electrical needs in Greece. With Net Metering you can produce your own energy you need with our help.

Net Metering is essentially the delivery of locally produced energy through the Network, while consumer is also absorbing his needs by the Network. So the network is essentially used to store the produced energy, while the Public Network nets the produced and consumed energy at the end of a measurement period (one year, in Greece).

So our company provides solutions in Net Metering installation, which requires careful calculation of several parameters.


The compact outdoor lighting bodies can be used for lighting squares, streets, groves, municipal lighting, remote crossings, exteriors factories, construction sites, bus stops, and many other applications. The luminaires are equipped with high environmental values as well as produce their own clean energy from the sun (via photovoltaic panel).

Their advantages:

    • Long lifetime (25 years warranty for PV).

    • Luck of cables.

    • Δεν χρειάζεται δίκτυο της ΔΕΗ.

    • Luck of public network, monthly invoices.

    • Easy and quick installation on existing pole.